Alex Flinn’s A Kiss In Time


Fairy tale adaptation


Sleeping Beauty retelling – can I say anymore? I was intrigued the second I read the title, and invested when I read the blurb.

Flinn took a different route when writing this novel, because it is a Teen read, with easy to follow plot, basic story line and characters. I did enjoy it because it kept me interested throughout till the end.

However, I was surprised to find that some of the reviews were complaining that it wasn’t deep enough, or complicated enough, or traditional enough to really fit in to favourite retellings list. I read complaints that Talia was un-relatable because she is a stunningly, beautiful, skinny girl, extremely mature and tactful for her age. They expressed that this high level of maturity was inconceivable because though she is centuries old she won’t have matured whilst sleeping. Intrigued, I read an evaluation that Jack and his relationship with his family came across stilted, and that it is quite odd the way Talia won everyone over within minutes of speaking. For someone to come into the modern world and accept everything so willingly is a bit hard to believe.

Finally, this is the comment that got me thinking that I just HAD to write a review about how I felt about this novel: “It is just these shortcomings that stop this novel from being fantastic.”

There are no short comings! Flinn has written a Fairy Tale. I love Fairy Tales, and if analysing from a fairy tale perspective then Flinn has echoed the transparency and simplicity of most fairy tales. Fairy tales are interesting because they meddle with time, have strange sudden occurrences and odd characters; Flinn’s novel translates this clearly. Therefore, it is a more traditional re-telling than others that share its genre.

It is a Teen read, and ends quickly; but like most novels, we all wish that they would go on and on forever! So I completely disagree with those who have complained on how Flinn wrote the novel, and how the plot pans out.

Who Is It For?

Fairy tale readers and lovers

Read Again-ability

Yes. It’s a great travelling novel (plane/train etc ride) :)



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