Ruth Silver’s Aberrant trilogy


Young Adult Dystopian Fiction



 Aberrant is a great read that most will be able to do in one sitting. It echoes similarities with Divergent and the Hunger Games as well. However, being a dystopian and there being quite a craze for such genres these days, it didn’t get boring.

It is a fast paced novel, filled with action, romance and mystery. I love that it deals with real issues such as natural conception, and the Government controlling who you marry!

I can actually see this book becoming a movie in the future, so for anyone who enjoys dystopian novels, this is a must read. It will quench the thirst for a strong female character, facing issues whilst not losing herself or her choices for romance.

It’s amazing, and terrifying, to think that a vaccine, needed by all, could result in side effects that cause even worse problems.

Definite recommendation for all.

Who Is It For?

Dystopian lovers


Read Again-ability




Aberrant (Book 1)

Moirai (Book 2)

Isaura (Book 3)


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