The Avena Trilogy by Marianne Curley


Paranormal Fantasy


I first read Curley’s Old Magic a long time ago. And recently re-read it. After falling in love with Curley’s voice I was eager to see if she had written anything more. That is when I discovered Avena.

Oh my… It is such an intoxicating story… it literally pulls you in with its love. It is haunting, hypnotic and unique.

This novel follows the story of Ebony Hawkins; a girl who believes she is different from everyone round her. She is actually not human, she is an angel. I mean… just with that I was hooked. I love mythical fantasy, and seriously enjoyed Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo trilogy, and Susan Ee’s Penryn and the End of Days trilogy, so this was doubly exciting!

I love how different the angels are to the other books I have read with them in. The descriptions of Heaven and Hell are really interesting, and refreshing; especially because they have levels but still do not get confusing.

What’s interesting to read is that these books are about fate. About destiny. The literature geek in me ate that up!

Who’s it for?

Myth lovers

Read Again-ability?






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