Beastly by Alex Flinn



Fairy-tale adaptation



Eeep! Getting my fairy tale fix with more fairy-tale adaptations!

I loved Flinn’s A Kiss in Time, and was really thrilled to get my hands on Beastly, especially because I knew there was a movie version out there too.

Kyle is a beast; or he is exactly like I would have imagined the Beast to be in Beauty and the Beast. Flinn has found his voice perfectly. A spoiled, egocentric rich boy. Of course. I love that he also depicts the ‘cool’ boy in high school. It is such a well thought out modern version of our fairy-tale prince Beast. Kyle’s growth in the novel is wonderful to read, because we are all rooting for him!

It was really great to read it from the Beast’s perspective. I have read and enjoyed Beauty by Robin McKinley, and this was a wonderful difference. Although I love and enjoyed both!

Essentially, this is an adaptation of a well-known classic and fairy-tale romance. It is a really charming, sweet read that I recommend!

Who’s it for?

Fairy-tale lovers

Read Again-ability?



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