Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures series


Young Adult Fantasy Romance


One of the best features about this series is that it is narrated by the boy. It makes it so much more adorable to read the guy’s version in a romance series, because it’s not really done a lot. I think this also took my fancy because I had just read the few chapters of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun online and was desperate to see a romance from the boy’s eyes.

Ethan is a perfect gentleman of a boy; he is loyal, kind, strong and loves Lena more than anything, and I was rooting for him the entire time whilst reading the series.

Garcia and Stohl have created a unique, interesting, deep world within our world with characters, legends and magic that are new to the world of fiction. What’s great is that it isn’t just about love, but about a person who cannot choose right from wrong – a choice humans have. This point is a pivotal twist in the natural condition of human beings, and for any secret Literature geek that’s just cool!

It will whirl you away to Southern America, where you can taste the breeze and hear the accents – but just a word of warning: Do not watch the movie because it will ruin it forever. I made the mistake and now I will never un-see it!! Sad times.

Who Is It For?

Beautiful Creatures is a really necessary read for anyone who is interested in this genre; it will give you a break from constant vampire retellings for example. (I am a huge vampire fiction fan by the way so no hate here! :) )

Read Again-ability

This, again, is one of those book series that beg to be read over and over again. It has so much detail that it is amazes me every single time. In fact, I’m thinking of re-reading it sooner!


Beautiful Creatures (Book 1)

Beautiful Darkness (Book 2)

Beautiful Chaos (Book 3)

Beautiful Redemption (Book 4)

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