Struck: What’s Really Real?

When Dawn gets thrown back in time, all she can think of is how to get home from 17th century England! But as she meets other people, like Stephan, and his strange family, she begins questioning what happened all those years ago and realises that her entire world seems to have changed. What would you do, if the world seemed wrong but everyone seemed right? If you were the only one who knew a before, and were a stranger to now? Would you question, what’s really real?

Romance, adventure, science-fiction and time-travel – this novel will capture you.

Review from best selling author Kaitlin Bevis (Daughters of Zeus trilogy)

“An engaging read with a unique premise. By the end of the novel, I was very invested in the characters! Between the time travel and the alternate realities, the author tackled the unique challenge of building three sets of settings and characters with voices unique to each. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!”

Lost – Struck Book Two

At the end of Struck we left Stephan flying across the world in a crate, and Dawn was taken by the GSP. But now, their separation is the least of their worries.
Over-exposure to lightning and GSP’s torturous ‘therapy’ may have damaged Stephan and Dawn, irrevocably, that finding each other has become near impossible.
With political threats of rebellion, Rebecca’s obsession with Stephan and the looming question of sanity, will Stephan and Dawn be reunited?

Fate – Struck Book Three

The bolt struck out, pulled in the direction of Dawn, and sent her and Lori, flying backwards ten feet. I heard their screams before I knew what was happening.
“Dawn!” I snapped my head around to watch them pick themselves up.
Lori and Doug were pointing from opposite sides, towards where Theo had been. Dawn was covering her mouth, and was still kneeling on the floor.
I turned again to look at Theo, but there was no one there.
They had gone, and taken Theo with them.

The final chapter of the Struck trilogy is finally here. There is still so much to be answered… will they ever be able to fix Time?