Jana Oliver’s Briar Rose


Fairy tale adaptation


In my hunt for fairy tale adaptations I found this novel in my recommended lists on Amazon, and I downloaded it straight away. Whilst the beginning, in a strange echoing way of Hilton’s My Name is Rapunzel, was captivating, it became a strange novel as soon as Briar Rose began to dream.

I think that the action took an interesting twist, but it started to stem quite far away from the Sleeping Beauty that I know. This is particularly thought-provoking, and it does mean that re-reading it is essential. Also, I do think that it has the classic dark twists and psychological play of traditional fairy tales.

This one would be a great one to take a magnifying glass to and analyse, but it is also great as a light fairy tale read.

Who Is It For?

Fairy tale readers

Read Again-ability

Easy read so easy to read again, almost essential to re-read.



If you loved it, you’ll love

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