Cloaked by Alex Flinn



Fairy-tale adaptation



Alex Flinn! I love your love of fairy-tales and I will get through all of your novels! I love them!

Cloaked was a cool read because it included a lot of fairy-tales; The Frog Prince, The Shoemaker and the Elves, and The Six Swans. It was literally like yay! It was like a mini version of Once Upon A Time – omg you must watch this if you are a fairy-tale lover. Here there are talking animals, witches, giants, spells; everything in a magical world.

Alongside the magic, there is a gradual love story; not like the love at first sight that fairy-tales often have, which was a twist. I loved how the relationship grew, it was funny, light and adventurous. It is the type of novel that you can read and enjoy; not one that is going to be too heavy or emotionally investing.

Who’s it for?

Fairy-tale lovers

Read Again-ability?

Yes! It is a perfect holiday read!



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