Kaitlin Bevis’s Daughters of Zeus trilogy


Myth based fantasy fiction


My love for the Persephone and Hades story was made from this series. I fell in love with the idea behind the story; the same way I have always been a fan of Beauty and the Beast, East of the Moon, West of the Sun Nordic fairy tale and Cupid & Psyche.

The story seems simplistic, but Bevis has created incredible twists that just keep you turning the pages! I was hooked in from the moment Hades rescues Persephone.

In Persephone, any Greek myth newbie will get sucked in to the mythical story; and any Greek myth fanatic (like myself) will adore the adaptation of the story. It really highlights a side of Hades that most people forget; that Hades is not the evil reason for death, but actually a judge for all souls. His story is least told throughout literary criticism because the myth is centred around Persephone’s abduction and the malicious nature of the gods. But this, like others in its genre, actually opens a new thought, a re-telling of a horror story into a romantic one. 

Daughter of the Earth and Sky develops the storyline and plot twist from the first novel and I was secretly thrilled that the story hadn’t ended! The other goddesses and gods make appearances and Bevis’s descriptions are perfect replicas of their powers. 

Finally, The Iron Queen is by far my favourite because our heroine Persephone really does stand strong. It feels like a race against your own head when you are reading this novel because you are enthralled and speeding through the book page-by-page to find out what is happening; but at the same time don’t want it to end!

Bevis’s novels were a real starting point of a love affair that has been going on over three years now, and has developed my own thirst for this genre.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who loves Greek myth. But, it’s a must-read for a newbie of the Hades and Persephone myth!

Read Again-ability?

Definitely on my re-read list!


Persephone (Book 1)

Daughter of the Earth and Sky (Book 2)

The Iron Queen (Book 3)

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