Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy


Dystopian fiction


Oh Veronica Roth. I love your writing and your books but, seriously…

You have written a series that was going to be in my favourites, but you broke me with Allegiant.

Most people will have (should have) read or watched Divergent by now. Let me just say that it is a stunning read. You will be pulled into Tris and Four’s world of factions; confused by the messy world that has resulted from years and years of wars. You will watch Tris take control, become powerful and vulnerable, while Four becomes capable of love.

Insurgent shows a continuation for Tris’s self-growth, her strength in overcoming obstacles internally and externally, and it really promotes the image of a strong woman.

However, Allegiant will test you, because it is gripping and mind-shatteringly heart breaking. I had to make my own ending just to stop mourning the end of the book. (Childish I know!)

It is a book to be remembered and cherished, and I think that is the beauty of it. Roth actually forces you to come to terms with harsh realities and brutalities that are sometimes inside us or happen to us; and learn how to accept each other, ourselves and the world, by choice.

Who Is It For?

I recommend this series to all; but be warned because it will break you.

Read Again-ability

For the best reason, I can’t read these again. I love them too much to be heart-broken a second time.


Divergent (Book 1)

Insurgent (Book 2)

Allegiant (Book3)

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