End of Days trilogy by Meg Collett


Paranormal Fantasy YA fiction


OMG… This trilogy is just… epic. I can’t even begin to describe the emotional attachment I have for these characters! For the world that Collett creates! Without giving away too many spoilers, let me describe to you how amazing this series is.

Firstly, the gender swap of Michael and Gabriel, into Michaela (girl) and Gabriel (boy). Yay! It is so interesting :) Loved this detail.

Michaela is an awesome character. She is a fallen angel, her thoughts, and her actions to protect Heaven rather than choose her own happiness, is so strong. She is a kick-ass heroine.

However, she is still human (in a way…) and so she needs help. This is where Clark – lovely pink haired guy – and Gabriel come in. In their own ways, with true friendship type of love, and a real, gut-wrenching/heart-breaking type of love, they help Michaela through the journey from The Hunted One to The Only One.

Clark is the ultimate best-friend. He helps Michaela through everything, and he grows so much in the span of the three novels.

Gabriel… I love him. I love him and Michaela together. Despite being seriously side-tracked with Loki, who I still feel a little heartbreak for, I love Michaela and Gabriel the most.

I’m a sucker for romance anyway, but it isn’t just their relationship that kept me hooked on this trilogy. It was the rest of the story as well. The build up, the imagery, just everything.

Collett creates a world that you feel a part of, and it really did feel like I was there with this little trio of friends, through everything that they go through. So much so, that I did honestly cry at the end as well.

Collett writes so perfectly; it honestly felt like I was skimming at first just to get to know what happens next!! I had to stop myself and go back and read properly, because I knew I was missing amazing writing.

Can’t wait to see what else Meg Collett writes!

Who Is It For?

ALL YA readers

Read Again-ability

100% It is on my read-again list for the Xmas hols!


The Hunted One (Book One)

The Lost One (Book Two)

The Only One (Book Three)

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