Fairest by Gail Carson Levine


Fairy Tale Adaptation


EEP! I was so late on the bandwagon finding out that Levine had another novel than Ella Enchanted! However, it became a must read on my list as soon as I found out.

Aza is not a traditional, beautiful fairy-tale princess/girl; she only has a good voice. She hides herself, conscious of the superficial land where she lives. When she learns to throw her voice, the Queen uses it for herself.

What’s refreshing about this novel is that like Ella Enchanted, it is not your typical story; with a not so typical heroine. Aza grows in the novel, and it felt like I grew with her. With our own superficial, beauty conscious society, the theme sits quite high on everyone’s list of insecurities; mine included. The fact that this girl is consistently told she is ‘ugly’ is quite hard to read, but also shows how powerful perceived beauty can be.

I’ve never read a Snow White adaptation before, and am pleased I’ve finally done it! I love my fairy tale collection of adaptations, and this is definitely added to my list.

Who’s it for?

Fairy tale lovers

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