The beauty surrounds every corner,

As far as my unborn eyes could see…

At once, I am born, and here I stand,

Unknowing, unfeeling; let free.

YOU tell me words of wisdom,

The darkness, and the truth,

YOUR words bind me tightly,

Yet with awe I do subdue.

From a Painful pinch on my side

YOU create from me: my Eve.

A marvellous being… so tender;

Made just for me.

We explore this new found haven.

This bountiful paradise of YOURS.

We learn about the forbidden,

But Fate is untoward.

Out of breath; she stands unspoken…

Our innocent tears fall slowly,

Fragile beauty is disgraced.

And my heart jolts out of place.

I cannot live without her,

My Eve, you made for me

And thus, I will fall with her…

For without her, Paradise would not be.

If such a fruit was forbidden…

Why was it put in Heaven?

Is this the test of human condition:

To resist such damned temptation?

This poem was actually written by me at University, after studying creation myth and in particular John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Though it does not reflect my own personal religious belief.

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