Aimee Carter’s The Goddess series


Myth based fantasy fiction


Honestly, Carter’s series was an interesting read for me. I love Greek myth and so it propelled me to finish up the series but it felt as if I was reading a series half-complete. It lacked the gumption of other Greek myth based novels that I have read; leaving me unsatisfied. However, perhaps this was the point? Greek myth is wildly unsatisfying because not all questions are answered, and time flows in a strange sporadic manner.

In actuality, this series is more ‘traditional’ to its original inspiration, and marks it quite differently to other adaptations in this genre.

It is a good, light read; and Carter notably blossoms in plot and writing in her sequels.

It carries so much potential as to what Carter could have developed, and secretly, I hope that she does!

Who is it for?

Anyone who is die-hard Greek myth fan – yes, it adds to your repertoire.

Read Again-ability?

Perhaps, but if Carter comes up with more books, I would 100% be reading them!


The Goddess Test (Book 1)

The Goddess Hunt (Book 2)

The Goddess Interrupted (Book 3)

The Goddess Legacy (Book 4)

The Goddess Inheritance (Book 5)

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