Guardians of Time trilogy by Marianne Curley



Paranormal Fantasy



Marianne Curley you have done it again! I love the suspense in the prologue and how it all ties together as you read through the novels, one by one. Each one is thrilling and I got lost completely in the action.

I love the time travel essence in it, because, well… have you read Struck by yours truly?

From a language point of view, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that these novels aren’t written in the traditional way. It is new, it is different; and so daring of Curley to put this out there. I love the swapping chapters between Isabel and Ethan (in the first) and then Isabel and Arkarian and then Matt and Rochelle because you get to feel each character. And of course there is a healthy sprinkling of romance, which is so desperately needed in young adult fiction.

When reading this, I did have flashbacks of Old Magic, which is in no way a complaint. It felt like ‘childhood’ to me, because I have loved Old Magic for years. And similarly to Old Magic, it is unique. I haven’t read a novel series quite like this one. There is no other book I could rightly compare it to… I don’t think. I believe that Curley’s imagination is original.

If you start reading this, I guarantee that you will be hooked. It is a compelling storyline, and it literally will reel you into it.

Who’s it for?

Myth lovers

Read Again-ability?



The Named

The Dark

The Key

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