I’ve heard but whispers, whispers among the dead,

Of a radiant beauty, walking a top the flowery beds.

She helps Gaia grow on, with her delicate tread,

Caressing inherited beautiful hair upon her glorious head.

My heart grows weak with an unknown hunger,

That food cannot satisfy; it’s the thirst that lingers.

Not even another day, will I wait any longer;

Please let me have her, I ask the cloud-thunderer.

Silently, I watch you, woo you from afar,

I know that I love you, and learn all that you are.

What you will think of me, is all I wonder,

I approach you, as majestically as the stars.

“Dear, sweet Persephone, angel of the skies,

You are such a pleasure to my eyes.”

Upon your ankle, I place many trinkets,

“Come with me; I’ll give you a thousand wonderful lives,”

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, laughter like a bell.

“Such charming words, such pretty treasures!”

Her eyes a cloudless blue, her face the moon’s delight,

When her hand outstretched I clasped her fingers.

Softly blushing, I lifted up my new bride,

Together we descend past the soulless lie.

Her soft embrace makes my heart sore sky high,

My lips atop hers, I know without her, I would die.

“I am afraid,” she glances around the darkness,

“That my mother will not approve of this.

She will whisk me away, away from love’s bliss.”

“No, my sweet heaven,” I whisper, “just eat this:”

And I gave twelve wine-pearls, in your dainty hands,

“Now my glorious, beware from the start;

These fruit will taste of poison, bitter and cruel,

But please don’t have a change of heart.”

“No my Love, I will not waver, let the fruit be dreadful!”

And you lovingly, took them by the mouthful.

But time was too short! Alas, immortality is fateful,

When you are here, I am rejoiced, when you’re gone; mournful,

Our time together makes my whole existence blessed,

And with greed I wait for two-thirds of the year to pass,

As though your happiness with your mother is time well spent,

The fear that you will not return… consumes my heart.

This poem is inspired from the way Persephone feels in Kaitlin Bevis’s Daughters of Zeus trilogy and Aimee Carter’s Goddess series after she falls in love with Hades, and wishes to remain from him. Here I am going further from the traditional story.