Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo Trilogy


Young Adult Teen Fiction


First of all, I actually didn’t know that the author for this trilogy was quite young when I first read it. Kudos to Adornetto!

I really enjoyed the series, especially the humanity given to angelic figure; and interesting twist in the understanding of angels. Bethany develops into a likeable and relatable character as the plot moves on, and her relationship with Xavier becomes essential to a part of that. He brings out a side of her that is non-existent without him, and I think that is why this is a deep love story.

What’s great about it, is that it follows the trend of the Teen Fiction, but it is unlike anything you will have read before.

The only pitfall I have is that I was constantly trying to find a hook somewhere in my knowledge of angels to be in awe with Adornetto’s writing, but I wasn’t able to. Additionally, I was a bit disappointed with the final book in the series, because I felt it was simply a method of lengthening the series, rather than the first two books that seemed essential to Bethany and Xavier’s development.

However, all in all, Adornetto has written a really creative trilogy, that will satisfy your Young Adult reads. I am sure she will be publishing many more wonderful novels in the future, which I will be certain to take a gander at.

Who is it for?

Any Teen Fiction fan – this is a must read.

Read Again-ability

Perhaps , however the story is so well ended that it feels too complete and satisfying. I will, definitely, be on lookout for more publications.


Halo (Book 1)

Hades (Book 2)

Heaven (Book 3)

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