All eyes on the little new boy; heedless and innocent,

His bright, blue eyes; wide and wondrous.

Our whispers echo over the sandpit at school,

But quiet, little, new boy; oblivious.

Mystified. Intrigued. As curious as a cat,

I needed to know him, desperately.

Learning tentatively; my paws fumbling,

I learnt. Whole-heartedly.

Now I am silent, serene and waiting,

All eyes are on me, tearing.

With my lashes cast down and a stolen blush,

As white as a dove, but jittery.

I ascend the path gladly,

His bright blue eyes await me,

All other eyes sigh their blessings,

I am here, with him. Entirely.

My hands meet his in a sweet embrace,

Our fingers whisper in secret.

A moment later I answer;

“I do, always and forever.”

His eyes light up; bright and blue,

No longer is he a quiet, new boy,

No longer is he oblivious.

My fingers move wildly in ecstatic rejoice.

Jovial, that I learnt all those years ago,

Elated, that he promised to be mine.

With his bright, blue eyed smile he takes my arm.

And together, we leave. Fingers entwined.

This is about openness to love and acceptance. A small deaf boy is new in a young girl’s school; and she takes the time to learn sign-language. Not only does she become his best friend but they get married – a sweet love story..!