The Kanin Chronicles Trilogy by Amanda Hocking


Paranormal Fantasy


As you may know, I am crazy obsessed with Hocking’s Trylle trilogy. It was literally like a dream come true when the Kanin Chronicles came out! Hocking saluted her million fans by allowing a return to the Trylle world and omg she did not disappoint.

It’s the type of novel that you can read, again and again. The story line is quick and easy to get into; and you’ll find yourself investing in the characters. The familiarity of the Trylle world is great because it fills so many questions about the world from Hocking’s other trilogy.

It’s about love, loss, and a need to belong; something that affects us all; but for teenagers even more. The fact that there is a story line of forbidden love is extremely current, and fitting; who doesn’t love a bit of dangerous romance? This is a fantastic young-adult series and I am pleased to know that it and the Trylle trilogy have been optioned for movies as well.

If you haven’t read the Trylle trilogy – do not fret! You do not need to read them first, because everything is explained really well.

My only shock was the ending of the first novel; so abrupt! But it did what it’s supposed to do, and spurred me onto reading the next two!

Who’s it for?

Hocking fans!

Read Again-ability?



Frostfire (Book 1)

Ice Kissed (Book 2)

Crystal Kingdom (Book 3)

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