The sky smiles down, in a warm, bright ray

And winks, playfully

Up I look, waving frantically

But hidden in all this earth around me.

I sing soft lullabies all night,

To my Golden beauty, radiant glowing goddess

I sing until you flutter a pink blush,

And I reach my arms to hold you.

I stretch and strain, in a pang of holy misery

But your eyes close in distress

And weep, and weep on me.

The centuries gone, the parasites prosper

And I remain your star-crossed lover,

In your brilliant bloom, I once danced

Green with joy, amongst the wind.

Happy to feel your tendrils caressing my skin.

All that remains of me is half gone, and all yours

To see you ashamedly steal across the darkness

Is more than my bleeding core can take.

So I offer you momentary giggles,

In remembrance of our love so far

And push up roses, daisies and sunflowers

In a postcard of love from my heart.


Just today I read an advert about how harmful we are to our Earth; and I remembered an old story about how the Moon loves the Sun. So here, I was inspired to write quite a sad poem about how the Earth loves the Sun, and grows flowers and trees for the Sun; despite the parasites (humans) continue to harm it.

The original inspiration can be found here.