Amanda Hocking’s My Blood Approves series


Vampire fiction



I absolutely love Amanda Hocking’s novels, especially the Trylle trilogy, but this was actually the first Hocking book that I read. I love Alice and Jack’s story!

Reading other reviews I was really surprised to find people comparing it to Twilight – which is a huge mistake because it’s actually completely different, but still just as alluring.

Alice and Jack are independent and really real characters, and when you meet Peter, you are literally blown away. Alice’s life isn’t perfect, and neither are the vampire’s lives; there are many complications and personal back stories to keep you interested in the characters, but also in the story. I was completely hooked, and waited patiently for the next instalments!

Falling for two guys seems to be a dilemma a lot of our female leads seem to face, but for Alice it is different. It is between free will and what is determined to be.

If that hasn’t tingled your taste buds… I don’t know what will!

Who Is It For?

Vampire fiction lovers


Read Again-ability




My Blood Approves (Book 1)

Fate (Book 2)

Flutter (Book 3)


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