K.C. Hilton’s My Name Is Rapunzel


Fairy tale adaptation


I actually really enjoyed the plot of this novel because it was totally unexpected! Rapunzel has been alive for a huge number of centuries under a spell and writes a letter to a journalist to tell her story. I love this; its refreshing, plot twisting and interesting as you learn about her story.

The beginning is riveting, and will pull you in quickly, the main twist of the story was one that I saw coming; but was still intrigued to see through.

It plays like a good book should; a movie inside your head, and in traditional fairy tale fashion, does not completely satisfy you; because you want more.

Rapunzel is a strong character; though trapped, she can free herself. Channel this strength in your mindset; starting perhaps with a good Bookspiration outfit.

Who is it for?

Easy read for anyone who loves fairy tale

Read Again-ability

I do often think about it, so it is one that stays with you in an enthralling, beckoning way! I hope Hilton writes more some day!



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