Chris Wooding’s Poison


Young adult fantasy fiction



This is almost like a strange, gruesome fairy tale, as it echoes that mythological fairy tale land that we all read stories about. There is a lot of folklore in it, different realms and ideas and overall it is a seriously good book.

The story is so detailed and refers to loads of other tales that you may have heard of. I love the time warp in it and the amazing twist at the end of the novel.

It is dark and gothic, definitely for young adults rather than children’s literature, in my opinion.

Wooding has so much imagination, to create such a world, it is filled with horror and suspense.

We all know that the Disney versions of fairy tales are not the real ones, and all of them are metaphors for gruesome realities, and this is just one of the books that exposes them.

For anyone who has read fairy tales this is a dark version of that, for example like Managing Monsters by Marina Warner. It is brilliant.


Who Is It For?

Fairy tale lovers


Read Again-ability






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