Beastly Bookspiration Outfit

I just loved making this OOTD because I love Beauty and the Beast.

Beastly is a great novel; telling the story from the Beast’s perspective, which I think is really clever!

Diving in, I decided on creating a stunning outfit with grey, pinks and purples.

My first was the light pink jeans; because they are exactly that. They are light, happy and kind, because of the colour pink. It is exactly the opposite of what Kyle is at the beginning of the novel.

With this, I paired some grey ankle boots, and a floaty purple top which features roses. These roses echo the significance of roses for our hero.

The grey watch is my main love, in this outfit. The concept of limited time, the flowers in the background, and how it ties all the colours up in the outfit is stunning.

The rose necklace is another rose tribute, whilst the purple coat symbolises the ‘high school’ royalty that Kyle once had. It is also quite a magical colour; featuring on most villains if you look at Disney, so I though this enigmatic statement piece would do just that.

All in all, it is a really pretty outfit, and we know Kyle’s obsessed with prettiness, so remember, that it is the beauty on the inside that counts!


Link to the Outfit Pieces:


Bracelet: of oz&ref=sr_gallery_14


Necklace: and the beast jewelry&ref=sr_gallery_22