The Maze Runner Bookspiration Outfit

I have literally seen a dozen OOTD from the Maze Runner that focus on what those characters wore. So I decided, since I love making bookspiration OOTD’s that I’d do my own version.

First, I chose a leafy, green dress; to show off the concept of the Glade in the first novel. It’s different, and also something you can wear this summer!

I paired this with a tan combination of leather jacket and leather boots. This is about the journey that has to be made through the three novels; and leather is durable, and tough. It is also extremely wearable in the funny weather we get in England!

The accessories are tributes to the first novel; because I enjoyed that one the most. The maze necklace for the maze that the boys are all trapped in, and the spider necklace.

If you don’t know why there is a spider necklace, you must read the book, or at least watch the movie!

What do you think of my version?

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Maze necklace: maze runner&ref=sr_gallery_40

Spider ring: