Lily Bookspiration Outfit

Josephine Angelini is one of my favourite Young Adult authors; because of Starcrossed. I was super excited to read the World Walker trilogy, and then super excited to make an OOTD as I did Starcrossed.

I love the novels because they deal with complex storylines without getting muddling; a skill that Angelini has.

First and foremost, I used the tribute to Trial By Fire’s orange theme to choose my orange top. Its bold; daring; and a bit like fire. It is different as a lot of people dislike the colour, and it is a fiery like Lily’s sarcastic and sassy attitude.

I matched it with some flares, because they are a bit old-fashioned, and yet also compliment the orange top.

For accessories I added the earrings for a touch of sparkly magic; the witch pendant because … well, you should know!

And the map-bag because it looks like a travelled bag, which symbolises the journey that Lily makes.

When you want to feel empowered, I’d go with an outfit as bold as this one.


Link to Outfit Pieces: