Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed Trilogy


Myth based fantasy fiction


Words cannot explain the level of love I feel for the novels in this series.

First, my interest in Greek myth meant I was overjoyed to find a modern day retelling of the myths that I had spent years slaving away on at University. I love myth, especially Greek myth, but it is a confusing, contradicting conundrum with hundreds of gods, goddesses, deities, half-gods, etc. However, Angelini has mastered the perplexity with such clarity that a non-myth-lover would convert! The level of detail, research and knowledge that has gone into writing these novels is dripping off the pages. It is an utter masterpiece for me and I applaud Angelini for pouring her energy on it.

It is not, however, this part that keeps bringing me back to her pages. It is the Helen and Paris retelling; the face that launched a thousand ships – a love story even more heartbreakingly beautiful than Romeo and Juliet. When you read Helen and Lucas, you fall in love too. I know I did.

Angelini captures feeling so deeply that at certain moments I was afraid, and jumpy when it was dark in my room; other moments, I was desperate for the young love to prevail, and when I finished each novel (at 4am in the morning) I actually felt sad because I never wanted it to end!

Starcrossed – makes you fall in love

Dreamless – makes your heart break the way only true love can

Goddess – makes you realise how strong you can be

Angelini has written a trilogy that is on my favourite lists: along with Harry Potter, Twilight, Trylle trilogy, The Time Traveller’s Wife; it is an essential read.

Who’s it for?

If you enjoy a sphinx-like stickler of well thought out and well-known myth in a novel; with a romance that will sweep you off your feet, then I can recommend no other than Angelini’s Starcrossed trilogy.

Read Again-ability

I’ve read this trilogy many times over; and always will!


Starcrossed (Book 1)

Dreamless (Book 2)

Goddess (Book 3)

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