Jessica Sorensen’s The Fallen Star series


New Adult Fantasy Series


Sorensen created a new wave of fiction – one of the most incredible accomplishments to achieve as an author; from her Fallen Star saga. When I first started reading Fallen Star, I was impressed that her story has nothing to do with fantasy fiction that is popular these days. It was new and captivated my interest. Her language evokes emotion, her twists and turns make it a palpitating read and anyone who enjoys action, suspense, mystery, romance or even just sarcastic humour will thoroughly enjoy these novels.

Gemma is a very interesting character because she is new to feeling emotion; and it reminds you of your first time feeling an emotion and not really understanding it. This drives the emotive plot forwards because you FEEL everything. It’s almost as if you enter the novel’s world and are forced to feel emotions you didn’t believe were possible.

Who Is It For?

Urban fantasy lovers! This book is calling to you!

Read Again-ability

Definitely one that needs to be revisited! There are so many levels to the plot, the world and the characters that one read isn’t enough to fully understand, appreciate and remember the detail and effort that Sorensen has poured in.


The Fallen Star (Book 1)

The Underworld (Book 2)

The Vision (Book 3)

The Promise (Book 4)

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