E.D. Baker’s The Frog Princess trilogy


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I’m really revisiting all my teen-hood beloved novels, only to find that they are so good and I seriously enjoy them!

The Frog Princess trilogy by E.D. Baker is one of my favourites; it is hilariously funny, amazingly descriptive and so interesting that it will keep you occupied till you have read and finished all three novels.

Unlike Young Adult fiction, there isn’t a lot of depth in the emotional side, and it is not a tear jerker, but for a light, happy fairy tale read it is a good one.

Emma is an extremely relatable character; a guffaw laughing, clumsy and big-footed princess for example. Emma grows into a wonderfully strong princess by the end, determined to do things her way.

I think this is a great book for young girls to read and learn from because it is so unlike the picture Disney paints.


Who Is It For?

Fairy tale lovers and girly girls


Read Again-ability

Definitely a great book to read when you’re feeling a bit emotional – it’s light, funny and friendly.



The Frog Princess (Book 1)

Dragon’s Breath (Book 2)

Once Upon A Curse (Book 3)

No Place For Magic (Book 4)

The Salamander Spell (Prequel) – Haven’t read this one yet!


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