The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner



Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy



Usually, I read a book before a movie comes out. It is rare when I see a movie first and then go read the book. Especially when it comes to young adult fantasy fiction. James Dashner’s The Maze Runner first came to me on Netflix. I had seen some bus adverts about it, and decided to check it out.

After I had watched the movie, I went ahead and got the novels to read. I must say, they have been a wonderful read. Especially the first two.

The movie and the first book were pretty confusing, leaving me with more questions. It felt like it was unfinished. I wasn’t sure what had really happened! But sure enough, the trick worked because I went on to read more. It’s worth it people! Read through and all will be revealed.

Having read, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I do think that the novel is aimed for a younger audience. It gave me the impression it was more of a Percy Jackson type novel. Especially with some of the quite obvious description that isn’t really needed. However, I read all sorts, and really enjoy my Percy Jackson stories, so I did find myself invested in this series.

It does of course, have a dystopian element; quite popular these days with The Hunger Games, Penryn and the End of Days and the City of Embers, as other examples.

Who’s it for?

New teen readers especially

Read Again-ability?

For a younger audience


Maze Runner

Scorch Trials

Death Cure

Kill Order (read this one last, although it’s a prequel)

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Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series

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