The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks




Before the movie (which is epic by the way) came out, I actually discovered The Notebook as a novel. What I loved and love about this novel is that it is about enduring, captivating, heart-wrenching love. I love the decisiveness of Noah; he loves Allie and that’s it. I mean, how many of us are capable of having a love like that? It is stunningly beautiful, old-school and just a wonderful tear-jerker of story.

What’s amazing is that this was Sparks’ first novel, and it actually ended up in a slush pile before being picked up. I mean, imagine a world without Noah and Allie! What would we all live for!?

If you are a romantic, and maybe you have seen the movie, I urge you to read this novel. It is breathtakingly wonderful.

Who’s it for?

All romantics

Read Again-ability?

100% yes.


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