Zoe Marriott’s The Swan Kingdom


Fairy tale adaptation


Yay for fairy tale adaptation! I love fairy tale – I have a GRIMMS fairy tale book that has all the original fairy tales collected together, but the major problem is that they are too short and strange and incomplete. That is where Marriot swooped in and saved one of the well-known fairy tales!

I love this book! It is so perfect in every way. It has a story-telling voice that echoes through your mind and it just feels like you’re lying in bed with your mum or dad reading you a bedtime story.

It is timeless, like all fairy tales; Alexandra embodies a relatable yet believable heroine for this story, and the added plot completes the strange, incomplete feel that fairy tales have.

Marriot has written a confident, psychologically invigorating fairy tale that has grown my passion for this genre even more than it was already!


Who Is It For?

Anyone who has ever read, heard, and loved a fairy tale bedtime story.

Read Again-ability

It’s a timeless classic; intended to be read and re-read. Absolutely!


It is a standalone but I am intrigued to read Marriot’s other novels.

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