The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking


Paranormal Romance Fiction


One word; Loki.


If there is one thing that keeps bringing me back to this trilogy it is Loki. Hocking created a charming, laugh-out-loud-funny, adorable guy and on that I am hooked. But don’t let me fool you; Loki is not the (only) best part about the Trylle trilogy.

Hocking has mind-blowingly created a completely new world within our world! As you read this bildungsroman trilogy, you actually see the characters grow up, mature and revel in their new powers, positions and circumstances.

One of the biggest life-lessons that we learn happens after a break up; and that could be a romantic break up, friendship break up, even maybe a dream being broken, or a family/relationship break up. It happens when something we have wanted deeply, maybe even had, is lost forever; and O.M.G it hurts. It hurts like you want to cry like a baby and disappear into a hole. Hocking actually shows us this, and how it is to move on and find out that it wasn’t actually meant to be.

Truly fantastic read!

Who’s It For? 

If you enjoy falling in love again then this story will enrapture you.

Read Again-ability

I’ve read this trilogy many times over; and always will!


Switched (Book 1)

Torn (Book 2)

Ascend (Book 3)

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