The one and only wish those lovers made,

Was little use against the chase of time.

For in the bliss of such a couple’s daze,

Would they reflect young through sun’s passing shine.

They ran as reckless thunder fresh escaped,

Toward the summer joys of budding bliss

So wild and free in eternal embrace,

Too soon arrived before their satisfied kiss.

She gave sweet greetings at the door each day,

And he brought flowers from the neighbour’s barn.

And holds her wrinkled hand to say “Always”;

As words cannot explain a love so calm.

So they walk hand in hand, and ripening

They’re barely talking, which says everything

This poem was inspired by a classic true love story; where the couple have grown old together. It is almost an imagination of what Henry and Clare’s life would have been like from Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveller’s Wife.