The living mourn the departed

Behind tearful lies hides selfish truth.

Playful entrapment of a lovely face,

The way we strive to remember,

Hades’ hell is boiling

When we dance in the joy of Spring

For in our gladness, Heaven overturns

He pines in waiting agony.

Circular motion of the world;

Happiness, sadness, temptation, regret.

In constant motion, we live and breathe

Forceful existence dwells

Despite our ignorant “freedom”;

Only Persephone flits back and forth

As her Time will never come

To lay her head, upon a dressed bed

And rest forever more.

She screams for the sunlight, in her lovers’ arms

And watches her essence live dying,

Escaping, she bursts up out into the world,

Bringing life to the land and the sea.

Behind her every step,

Lurks lonely shadow underneath,

Whose only life and love and joy;

Is gladly running free.

The mourners yearn for their loved ones,

Even Death mourns his Life so dear.

Whilst all around his guests arrive,

For the Fall he is impatient;

His visitor he wishes to see.

This poem is in tribute to Hades; god of the Underworld according to Greek myth. It reflects that he is just a victim of his responsibility and his real love is Persephone. This was inspired by Aimee Carter’s Goddess series and the traditional Hades and Persephone myth.