Wicked series by Gregory Maguire



Fantasy fiction adaptation




Yes. I saw and fell humungously in love with Wicked in London. I loved the musical, the adaptation of The Wizard of Oz and the whole show! It was only when I was busy downloading the songs when I found that it was a novel!

Hurray for Gregory Maguire!

This is also so ‘in’; with Once Upon A Time showing us the villains and heroes are often a mixture, and that one side of the story is all we have ever read. The Wizard of Oz is only Dorothy’s story, here Maguire shows us the other sides.

In Wicked, we follow the life of Elphaba, and the different parts of her life that have made her the way she is. Elphaba is not Wicked. She is not evil. Not only this but we find a whole new dimension to Glinda, and the other Wicked Witch; Nessarose.

Maguire’s world is huge; it’s taken Oz and just deepened and transformed it; with characters that are so real, and so unique.

This is a beautiful fantasy, and if you have loved Wicked the Musical, you will be just a forlorn for more! This gives you more!

Who’s it for?

Fantasy lovers

Read Again-ability?




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