The World Walker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini


Science Fiction/Paranormal Fantasy


I love Josephine Angelini because she made my dreams of Greek myth come true with Helen and Lucas’s love story in Starcrossed.

So OMG I was so excited to read another trilogy by this epic author. And she did not disappoint!

This novel is absolutely, spellbindingly, consuming and amazing. It is just gripping.

Lily is the main character, and interestingly, Angelini ties in threatening illness with magical ability –a tie that I have always found quite eerie.

The story is unique, it unfolds slowly, and suddenly at the same time.

The characters are so real – sassy, sarcastic, bright, compassionate. The love story is something I love to read in a novel. The real epic part in Angelini (as with Starcrossed) is her ability to add in an enormously huge list of sub stories, back-up stories and aspects and histories without confusing the reader.


Who’s it for?

Young Adult Fiction lovers!

Read Again-ability?



Trial By Fire


Third one – to come!

If you loved this, you’ll love

Josephine Angelini’s Starcrossed